Personal Work of Anthony Redell

This site is desired to be used by other Christian photographers. I wish to create this site in hopes others can have a learning and growing experience in photography and graphics without being subjected to inappropriate material, unlike me. This page is of my own personal work done in photography and graphics while attending NKU and operating Heavenly Light Productions, LLC. I hope you enjoy my personal works and this site.


Local Activity:

*Pendleton County Juried Gallery

  Exhibition Info*

UPDATE: The Pendleton Juried Gallery Show 2011-1 is now looking for submitions. 

If you are a Pendleton Artist and wish your work to be included, Please view the Pendleton Juried Gallery Show Page on the Right or contact me.


    Class are ready and you may email or call to inquire.


     A Pendleton Photography or Artist Club is being proposed but, no one seems to be interested as of yet.

If interested in any please contact me at

Thanks you.


Are you aware of the correct procedure for handling and storing your negatives, transparencies and prints? Storing and handling these items without the proper protection can cause all sorts of damage and problems. Dust, dirt, acids on your fingertips, scratches, extreme environmental conditions-these are just some of the natural enemies of your work. Others include harmful chemicals in some storage materials, such as cardboard boxes, vinyl or plasticized (PVC) sheets, kraft envelopes, non acid-free paper, and glassine envelopes. Take care of your work by handling it properly and storing it safely, and it should last for years.
By: Light Impressions

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Thank you for your support, contributions, and understanding. If you have any questions or wish to contact me please use the following:


You may also see some more images of mine at the following:

Take care and be safe.
God be with you,


Flickr Images

Hell’s FurySpider’s EyesWorking BeeRaven FishingChild’s Play



~ by heavenlylightproductions on January 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “Personal Work of Anthony Redell”

  1. This is most certainly a excellent series of images.
    Child’s Play? . . . Wonderful!

  2. Hello Macroartinnature,

    Thank you for your comments. Remember, this is an ever changing site. Always check back and you may contribute your wisdom and skills anytime as long as it is family friendly. We welcome your professional insight and skills.

    Take care and be safe.
    God be with you,

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