Models – Thank You

I would like to take the time and effort to do something most do not.

To every model who are the professionals – and – to the newbie mirrored based want a be. To the most beautiful model in the world – and – to the most beautiful model on the inside. To the most dedicated model – and – to the so called sister or brother of an aunt, cousin, ex- relative twice removed. To those who are being paid –and – to those who are in it for the art. To those with the most knowledge and experience – and –to those who believe they have the most knowledge and experienced. To those models I have worked with – and – to every model in the world. Lastly, To those who know they are a model regardless of opinions – and – to those who do not think they are models.

I speak for myself but, honesty believe I also speak for every artist and photographer in the world when I say;

“Thank you to every model for everything you do!!!!!!”

Without you, we would not be so inspired or able to do that which we do!!!!

Signed: Anthony Redell (And every artist who wants you to know the truth)

***This is not spam or a pass me along message. It is written today with sincerity and honesty by me to express gratitude to all the models and unsung models which assist / make our ART come alive and into reality***


~ by heavenlylightproductions on March 15, 2012.

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