This site is designed to help all artists in areas of photography and graphics.

This site is to be a Christian environment where tips and tricks can be learned without the exposure to inappropriate images or situations.

The works presented on this site are of my own personal works unless directly stated otherwise
The information provided should always be free and correct to the upmost best of your ability (Tried and Tested by you first).

When ever possible give credit, by line, or link to sited source. When doing an entry please include a reference page and complete entry in a MLA style format.

Thank you for your support, contributions, and understanding. If you have any questions or wish to contact me please use the following:

Email: heavenlylightproductions@gmail.com

You may also see some more images of mine at the following:


Take care and be safe.

God be with you,


Always calibrate your monitor, for example see below.

To use the calibration greyscale, adjust your monitor so that you can see all the shades of grey, from white to black. Each rectangle step should be visible from clear white to black with ten different shades in between. If not, change the contrast and brightness of your monitor.

Calabration image One

Calabration Gray scale

The image below should appear as a rainbow starting and ending with red. There should be a smooth transition from color to color–with no banding and no little dots.

Calabration Rainbow


One Response to “About”

  1. Tony, thanks for the calibration scale. I’d run across one recently and my monitor’s set just right. It’s something we need to be reminded of from time to time, though.

    Looking forward to exploring your site!

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