Pendleton Juried Gallery Show

***Due to the new court house, the gallery show is no longer offered***


Hello Pendleton County,

     I am excited and greatly pleased to have the privilege to curate the Pendleton Juried Gallery Show, 2009-1.

The road to our achievement was difficult and time consuming spanning through concept, proposal, editing, and final approval. With extreme corporation, leniency, and patience from the Pendleton County Fiscal Court 2007; we the Artists of Pendleton County are now able to showcase our professional work within the Pendleton County Courthouse.

     Our mission is to showcase examples of excellence in the visual arts from traditionally under represented groups and individuals who have contributed to the richness and diversity of our region.

     Our Pendleton County artist’s community provides us with an expanded range of ideas, forums, and unique methodologies. Their professional diverseness in which they provide are continually overlooked or underappreciated.

     Our objective is to beautify the Pendleton County Courthouse with professional works of art ensuring all visitors a pleasurable visual experience through art and to convey awareness of our vast artist community to Pendleton County and the region.

     A byproduct of our show is to provide our community, government, and businesses with insight into local talent. Thereby increasing our local networking abilities thus, producing more employment for local artists and creating overall savings for projected future projects for local businesses and government.

     Ultimately, we intend to show the positive effects which art can have within a community. I extend a warm greeting and invitation to all ages and talents to submit their art work for judging. I welcome all others to attend the Grand Opening to submerse themselves within a gallery of exquisite works of art produced by Pendleton County Artists.

Anthony Redell

The following are answers to possible questions.

 1. Anyone living in Pendleton County, KY may submit art work for judging.

2. There is no age limit.

3. Artists assume all risk to their art work.

4. Artists are required to properly fill out the following:

Letter of Intent, TAR, Artist Statement, and Exhibition Contract

5. All paperwork must be presented to the Curator prior to Judging.

6. No work containing identifiable people or inappropriate material will be accepted.

7. Work which can be framed, must be framed in a professional gallery style.

8. You may submit more than one piece of work.

9. All 3-D work must be able to be hung.

10. Artist may sell their work but, may not remove the work until the conclusion of the show.

11. Artist must provide all material to hang their work.

12. Artist must be present to assist in hanging their work and during Opening Day.

13. There are no appeals, the Jury Board’s decision is final.

14. There are no prizes.

15. Hanging day will be on a Friday and Opening Day will be the day after on a Saturday.

16. Judging will be held druing the week in the evening and will be held at the Courthouse.

17. Artist will present the Jury board with an Artist statement which will contain Title information. This Artist statement will be hung with the Artist’s Work

18. Judging Day and Opening Day times will be announced.

19. The Fiscal Court may at anytime and for any reason terminate this project. In this case, all art work will be returned to the Artists upon project termination.

20. Documents contained on this site are for display only. Official documents may be picked up  or emailed to you. Unofficial documents will not be accepted.

21. Artist if judged as “Showing” must have their work ready for Hanging Night.

22. Artist if judged as “Waiting” must keep their work ready for the next gallery show in 30-60 days.

23. Artist who are judged as “Rejected” may submit more work at the next Gallery show judging in 30-60 days.

24. Artist may ask the Curator for a comment on their work even if it was rejected.

25. Artist may ask the Curator for Official Documentation for their resume

26. Artists may contact me if you have further questions at 859-750-8969 or email me at

The following is the Judging Factors

 Juding Factors

The Following is the Judging Form

Judging Form

The following is the General Rules 

 General Rules

 The following is the Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent for Gallery

The following is the Transfer Agreement and Record (TAR)


The Following is the Exhibition Contract

Contract Page one



 contract two

The Following is the Official Proposal

Letter of Intent

Gallery paperwork 1

Gallery Paperwork 2

Gallery Paperwork 3


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