Photoshop Page 6

The Photoshop page is set up to post Tutorials (Torts) on various subject matter. All Torts must be family friendly and be free to all. When posting give credit, by-line, or reference to who and where it was made.

Adjusting curves in photoshop

Created by: MarkAlanJesse


Coloring in photoshop; it is a good tort but, you need to already know some functions and watch the video slowly to catch all the action.  For the more advanced user….

Created by: Trylonperisphere


Genuine Fractals used in photoshop

Created by: Mike Wong, AKA – akaharry06


Glass Ball in photoshop

Created by: Markdom


Extractor Tool

Created by: Tutvid


Starfield effect

Created by: Mattyboy7777


Layers styles blending

Created by: John Reuter AKA: giottoarts


Quick Adjustments

Created by: Bruce at That’s My Monkey . com


Digital Painting

Created by : Bobby Chiu


Creating a quick Vignette in photoshop

Created by: Dimage1985



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