Photoshop Page 1

The Photoshop page is set up to post Tutorials (Torts) on various subject matter. All Torts must be family friendly and be free to all. When posting give credit, by-line, or reference to who and where it was made.

Photoshop High Contrast B&W

Here is a good Tort found on  

It was created by: Mark Johnson 


Portrait  Retouching


It was created by, Mark Johnson


 Photoshop Retouching

Created by, Scott Kelby

Basic Extraction Command

Here is a Tort for basic Extraction Command on YouTube

It was created by, Mike -Sharkie216

Croma-Key Extraction Tort

Here is an Extraction Tort found on YouTube. 

It was created by, Markalanjesse 

Working with Layers 

Here is a Tort on YouTube about working with layers. 

This Tort is made by FlashAcesDesign, His web site is


Text Lighting 

A Tort from YouTube of Text Lighting 

 Tort by Davinchy27, Unsure if he is the Tort maker or just posting it. 


Photoshop 101

50 Minutes of Entry level Photoshop

Tort on YouTube by Howard, AKA = IceFlow Studios


4 Responses to “Photoshop Page 1”

  1. Hey, what a great idea, Tony! Must sit down and spend some time with it. Good one!

  2. Are all these photos suppose to be blurry?

  3. Yes, they will appear blurry at first. When you click on the play icon it will play the movie which, will not appear blury. Make sure you have your sound on so you can follow along with the insturctor.

    Take care and be safe.
    God be with you,

  4. Many of guys blog about this subject but you said really true words!

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